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2019 MPP PENSION PLAN SEMINARS FOR MEMBERS (posted January 7, 2019) 

A new listing of Pension Seminars for the first half of 2019 is now available – MPP Pension Seminars 2019.


A quick note for all members: members need to be aware of the rolling five-year window. What this means is that if you started, took a leave, or worked part-time, etc. after April 2002, you have a limit of five years to buy that time back (e.g. if you started work or took a leave in November 2014, your five-year window runs until October 2019 to be eligible to apply to buy back either your probation time or the leave time.) (Note: no contributions are made during the probation period, so, again, a member would have five years to purchase this time back, if they wished.) Please be sure to keep track of this yourself.