MUNICIPAL PENSION PLAN AGM (posted September 28, 2020)

The Municipal Pension Plan is holding its Annual General Meeting on October 15, 2020 from 10 am to 12 noon online.  To register for the online event please go to the MPP website at


A quick note for all members: members need to be aware of the rolling five-year window. What this means is that if you started, took a leave, or worked part-time, etc. after April 2002, you have a limit of five years to buy that time back (e.g. if you started work or took a leave in November 2015, your five-year window runs until October 2020 to be eligible to apply to buy back either your probation time or the leave time.) (Note: no contributions are made during the probation period, so, again, a member would have five years to purchase this time back, if they wished.) Please be sure to keep track of this yourself.