The School bargaining unit consists of members working at a variety of locations across West Vancouver’s School District 45 in a variety of support staff capacities, including, Clerical, Custodial, Teaching Assistant, Education Assistants, and Facilities.
SD 45 Administration offices are located at 1075 21st Street.
SD 45 Facilities Shop is located above the Upper Levels Highway (Exit #5 Cypress) at 3775 Cypress Bowl Road

The WVMEA representatives for School District 45 members are:

  • Catalin Fota  ,Business Manager
  • Phyllis Van Rhyn , Business Agent
  • Susie Chubb (Shop Steward – Clerical)
  • Catherine Schier (Shop Steward – Clerical)
  • Andrew Pickard (Shop Steward – Facilities)
  • Isabell Nielsen (Shop Steward – Education Assistants [EA])
  • Joseph Tan (Shop Steward – Teachers’ Assistants)
  • Adam Barraclough (Shop Steward – Custodians)

2023 – 2024 Shop Steward Contact List